About WerkRaum


Werkraum [Wérkraum], German:
Workroom, Studio, Room to work, Room for Artwork, 工作室, ウェークラウム


Create a space for the Hong Kong creative community. Provide flexible, multi-functional setup with professional-grade equipment. Organize events & screenings, host artists & galleries, facilitate discussions & exchange, provide tools & education.


Located in Hong Kong’s most thriving business and art district of Wong Chuck Hang, WerkRaum provides a versatile space with professional equipment. Host a private dinner on our existing furniture for 20 people, a personal movie screening for up to 40 people stand-up events for up to 150 people. With additional seating brought in, the dining capacity can be expanded up to 80 people.


  • 90sqm main room
  • 150” Projection screen
  • Up to 200” projection on the wall
  • 4k Laser Projector
  • 7+1 Surround System
  • 10sqm Balcony
  • 1 Unisex Toilet with Shower
  • Fully furnished kitchen with double fridge, induction hob & Oven/Microwave combination
  • Nespresso Coffee Machine
  • Water Cooker